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How to Thicken a Smoothie

    Are you seeking ways to turn your good smoothies into great ones? Perhaps you’re looking for ways how to thicken a smoothie that you can eat with a spoon, or you need to fix a runny smoothie. Look no further! You’ve come to the right place.

    I’ll provide you with some general tips on how to make a smoothie thicker and how to fix a watery smoothie.

    Now, these tips are applicable to any smoothie recipe that you want to be thickened. Always be sure to add the ingredients listed below incrementally and adjust as needed to suit your preferences.

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    Use Frozen Fruit

    Bananas in a blender

    Using frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit will certainly help to guarantee a thicker smoothie. To freeze fresh fruit to use later, prepare the fruit as needed to get it ready to blend.

    For example, peel your bananas and slice them into 1-inch size chunks, remove the stem off the strawberries, and slice in half if they’re bigger berries, etc.

    When putting fresh fruit in the freezer, I recommend lining a baking sheet or plate with parchment paper and placing the fruit on this flat surface to freeze before putting into a bag. Otherwise, you risk your fruit freezing into one giant blob.

    Tropical fruits are a great smoothie thickener too. However, they are a juicy fruit, so you may need to adjust the amount of other liquid.

    Add Oats

    Oats in a jar

    I love adding oats to my smoothie. Not only will it thicken your smoothie, but it will also add fiber and protein, all while having little to no impact on the flavor.

    Did you know you can add raw oats directly to your smoothie? They’re perfectly safe and nutritious to eat raw. That being said, you can add cooked oatmeal if you prefer. If using cooked, allow the oatmeal to come to room temperature or colder before blending.

    If adding uncooked, consider blending the oats on their own before adding to your smoothie so as to help with the texture.

    I recommend adding ¼ cup of pre-blended whole rolled oats per smoothie.

    Throw in Some Nut Butter

    Nut butter in a jar

    If you weren’t already adding nut butter to your smoothies, I hope this will convince you. I love adding nut butter to my smoothie to make it more rich, satisfying, and thicker.

    Any nut butter will work, but I’m a sucker for good old-fashioned peanut butter. Check out this recipe for my all-time favorite Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie!

    For those of you who like a creamier texture in your smoothies, try adding almond butter. It gives your smoothie an extra protein kick while enhancing the taste. For a thicker consistency, freeze the almond butter in an ice cube tray and use it as a solid ingredient.

    I recommend adding 2 tablespoons of your favorite nut butter per smoothie.

    Add Avocado

    Slices of avocado on a table

    I love avocado in any form—on toast, tacos, stuffed with crabmeat—t’s all good! That being said, I was a little apprehensive to add it to my smoothie until I tried it. Now that I have, I’m hooked!

    Packed with healthy fats, avocado also adds a rich creaminess and thickness that’s hard to create any other way. It doesn’t impart a lot of flavor, and in fact enhances the flavors that are already in the smoothie. Avocado also pairs wonderfully with cacao.

    I recommend adding ¼ – ½ of an avocado per smoothie.

    Aside from avocados, other great options for a healthy smoothie include fresh bananas, sweet potatoes, or even cottage cheese.

    Use Ice

    Ice cubes in a glass

    Ice is a go-to smoothie thickness solution. If using ice, remember it can dilute the flavors in your smoothie, so proceed incrementally until you’re satisfied.

    I recommend adding approximately ½ of a cup of ice per smoothie.

    Punch it Up With Protein Powder

    Smoothies on a table with protein powder

    Protein is a great add-in regardless if you’re trying to thicken your smoothie or you just want to stay fuller for longer and pack in more essential vitamins and minerals. Any protein powder is sure to do the trick, so just pick one that best aligns with your diet.

    Plant-based protein is an excellent addition for those who want a protein shake with natural ingredients.

    Reduce Liquid for Yogurt

    Yogurt in a small cup

    This may seem obvious, but the less liquid you use, the thicker your smoothie will be. To guarantee your smoothie will blend, you can swap some of the liquid for yogurt, as this will help blend your smoothie while not providing extra liquid.

    I prefer unflavored Greek yogurt, but flavored yogurt or a plant-based yogurt will work wonderfully as well.

    I recommend swapping for equal portions of liquid for yogurt.

    Get the Right Blender

    Using a high-powered, quality blender or food processor will ensure you get a smooth and creamy consistency. With the right ingredients, you can achieve the best results even with a less powerful blender. However, investing in a high-speed blender or Ninja blender could be a good choice if you’re serious about your smoothie game.

    Whether you prefer your smoothies with a thicker texture, packed with extra protein, or a hint of sweetness, the possibilities are endless. So, happy blending!

    How to thicken a smoothie

    How do you fix a watery smoothie?

    If your smoothie is too watery, you can add fruit (frozen is best!), oats, protein powder, ice, or yogurt to your smoothie.

    Does ice make smoothies thicker or thinner?

    Smoothie in a mason jar

    Ice can serve to make a smoothie thicker, but it is important to remember that ice will dilute the flavors in your smoothie. If your smoothie is going to be sitting out for a while before you drink it, that ice can melt and eventually make your smoothie thin and watery.

    A good rule of thumb is to use ice sparingly and only if you’re going to enjoy your smoothie quickly.

    Why is my smoothie like a slushy?

    Pouring smoothie into a jar

    Your smoothie may have a slushy-like consistency because you added too much ice. You can correct this by either adding more frozen fruit (which will give you a big smoothie), or discarding some of your smoothie and adding a little more frozen fruit and something to thicken it like yogurt or avocado.

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