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Kale scrambled eggs
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Kale Scrambled Eggs

    Now, I love my veggies so I may be a bit partial here, but this kale scrambled eggs recipe is my favorite breakfast. They’re loaded with fluffy eggs, savory sauteed kale, and cheese.

    Even if you don’t love eating your greens, I bet you will still enjoy this recipe. It’s simple, quick to make, and easy to customize if you have some picky eaters at your breakfast table.

    Kale scrambled eggs

    Kale is a superfood and packed with tons of fiber, iron, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and tons more. It’s no wonder health nuts try to sneak it into everything nowadays. That being said, I think the subtle bitterness and earthiness in kale complements this cheesy egg scramble perfectly.

    What You Need to Make Kale Scrambled Eggs

    The ingredient list for these kale scrambled eggs is simple, with lots of room to customize with extra ingredients. For cooking oil, I recommend butter or a neutral oil such as avocado or olive oil. If you really want to wow your guests, use bacon fat!

    For the cheese in this recipe, I prefer sharp white cheddar, but any cheese will do. Aside from sharp cheddar, I really like feta, monterey jack, or swiss cheese.



    • Eggs
    • Kale
    • Salt
    • Black Pepper
    • Butter or neutral cooking oil
    • Cheese


    • Nonstick or cast iron pan
    • Plastic or metal spatula (metal if using cast iron pan)
    • Bowl
    • Whisk or fork
    • Knife
    • Cutting board

    Optional ingredients:

    I love scrambled eggs for breakfast. While this recipe is awesome exactly as it is, I included a few possible additions you can include in your egg scramble to really make it stand out. All of these ingredients can be added at the same time you would add the kale.

    • ¼ diced red bell pepper
    • 2 ounces smoked salmon
    • 2 slices of cooked bacon, chopped
    • 3-4 sliced crimini or wild mushrooms (I recommend sauteeing your mushrooms first before adding the kale, as they will need longer to cook)
    • 1 ounce black forest ham, chopped

    How To Make Kale Scrambled Eggs

    First, destem and thinly slice your kale. You can also use a kale package that’s already been cut up.

    Next, shred your cheese (unless you’re using pre-shredded cheese). Set your pan to medium heat and add your butter or oil.

    Preparing kale leaves

    Once your pan is hot, add your kale and sautee for 2-3 minutes until the kale takes on a vibrant green hue.

    Sautéing kale

    While your kale is cooking, crack your eggs into a bowl and add salt, pepper, and cheese. Mix with a whisk or fork until homogenized.

    Mixing cheese and egg

    Next, as soon as your kale is done, add in your egg and cheese mixture. Mix with a spatula until your eggs are solid but still slightly wet looking. Remove from heat and serve.

    Cooking eggs and kale

    Is kale good in scrambled eggs?

    Heck yes! Kale pairs perfectly with scrambled eggs. Its slightly bitter flavor and texture pair great with fluffy eggs and cheese.

    Can you eat kale for breakfast?

    You can, and you should! Kale is a superfood and loaded with nutrients. It’s low on the glycemic index, meaning it will keep you full without spiking your blood sugar, giving you energy to keep going all morning long.

    How do you eat kale and eggs?

    With a fork! Seriously though, this kale scrambled eggs recipe is great on its own, but could totally be wrapped up in a giant flour tortilla or divided up into tacos. Top with hot sauce and serve with toast or a side of breakfast potatoes and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast.

    Kale scrambled eggs

    Kale scrambled eggs

    Kale Scrambled Eggs

    Olivia Abramson
    This kale scrambled eggs recipe is the perfect balance of fluffy eggs, savory sauteed kale, and rich cheese. A breakfast like this can be made at a moment's notice, with little to no mess, and all in one pan! Health nuts and picky eaters alike will love this recipe.
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    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 7 minutes
    Total Time 12 minutes
    Course Breakfast
    Servings 2
    Calories 220 kcal


    • 4 medium-sized eggs
    • ¼ cups shredded cheese
    • 2 to 3 kale leaves depending on size
    • 1 tbsp butter
    • salt to taste
    • black pepper to taste


    • Destem and thinly slice your kale.
    • Shred cheese if necessary.
    • Set your pan to medium heat and add your butter.
    • Once butter is melted, add in your kale and sautee, mix frequently with a spatula.
    • While kale is cooking, crack your eggs into a bowl and add salt, pepper, and cheese, mix everything with a fork or whisk until homogenized.
    • Once kale is fully cooked and taken on a vibrant green hue (about 2-3 minutes), add your egg and cheese mixture.
    • Mix frequently with a spatula until your eggs are cooked but slightly wet looking, about 2-3 minutes.
    • Remove from heat and serve, adding additional salt and pepper if necessary.


    Calories: 220kcalCarbohydrates: 5gProtein: 14gFat: 6gSodium: 300mgFiber: 4g
    Keyword breakfast, brunch, eggs
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    Olivia has been in love with all things food and libations for nearly a decade. When she’s not cooking up new recipes, she enjoys bikepacking, wine tasting, crocheting, and traveling in her camper van up and down the Pacific Northwest.

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