How To Make  a Red, White & Blue Charcuterie Board

The beauty of this red, white, and blue charcuterie board is that it goes with so many things! From iced coffees to mimosas, you can’t go wrong with this board. 

Serve this with other little nibbles like deviled eggs or hand pies, but you can have it on its own.

Fresh strawberries Fresh blueberries Fresh raspberries Fresh blackberries Candied walnuts Mini waffles Greek yogurt Crackers Mozzarella balls Maple syrup Watermelon Assorted salamis and prosciutto White cheddar cheese


Wash and dry the berries. Cut up watermelon into star shapes with a cookie cutter.

Warm the mini-waffles. Sweeten the yogurt with maple syrup. 

Start assembling your charcuterie board, starting with the largest items. Serve and enjoy!