How To Make  a Pulled Pork Breakfast Burrito

This pulled pork breakfast burrito is made with some beans, salsa, and fresh herbs and is sure to be the highlight of your day. 

Serve this breakfast burrito with a side of fruit, breakfast potatoes, or a light side salad.

Cheddar cheese Salsa Egg Bell pepper Salsa Parsley Cilantro Pinto beans Limes Olive oil White tortillas Leftover pulled pork Salt and pepper


Whisk eggs in a small bowl. Cook them in a nonstick frying pan. Add salt, pepper, and cheese. 

Cook pulled pork on medium-high heat with bell peppers. 

Assemble your burrito, with a tortilla as the base. Squeeze some lime juice on top and roll tightly.

Heat your burrito until golden brown. Serve and enjoy!