The Golden Truffle Dinner Menu   

Just a quick reminder: our menus change daily, subject to what are the freshest ingredients and the whim of the chef. The menu below is typical (but hardly exactly) what you might find on any given day.

Appetizers & Small Plates

Russian Cabbage Soup with Beef Pierogi 9

Maine Lobster Guacamole with Warm Tortilla Chips 14

Wasabi Sesame Pickled Boston Scallop Escabeche with Arugula & Ginger Ponzu 18

Broiled Carne Asada Diablo Tacos with Salsa Fresca (3) 12

Danish Fish Plate:  House Cured Gravlax,Herring, Anchovies, Potato Salad 19

Fresh Mediterranean Anchovies with Pickled Tomatoes 9

Sweet Walla Walla Onion Rings with Caribbean Ketchup 10

New Zealand Blue Abalone Sashimi with Calabrian Chile & Lime 28

1 oz Petrossian Royal Kaluga Caviar with Warm Potato Chips & Trimmings 125

Herb Buttered Bagel Chipswith Artichoke Cream Cheese & Petrossian Smoked Cod Roe 14



Classic Original Caesar Salad 10

Wilted Spoon Spinach with Poached Egg & Warm Bacon Dressing 12

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Wild Arugula, Parmesan Red Wine Vinaigrette 12

Shucked Maine Lobster, Hand Picked Jonah Crab,

White Asparagus, Avocado Louie 44

Utility Food

The Golden Truffle Baked Macaroni & Cheese 10

The Golden Truffle Prime Cheddar Cheeseburger with Celery Salt French Fries 12