Chef Owned, The Golden Truffle seems in appearance and atmosphere to be Bistro-esque, but  you soon realize that Chef Alan Greeley has taken a road-less traveled. His myriad influences, with France, Spain, the Caribbean and Asia leading the way, conspire to produce dishes that manage to combine simplicity and comfort with dazzling, complex flavors and colorful presentation.

The Golden Truffle achieves that perennial ambition of most restaurants

and satisfies its customers of all tastes by serving up adventurous cuisine alongside nostalgic homages to home cooking. Greeley began as a caterer and after over thirty years still offers an incredible variety of catering possibilities for your special occasions.

We can accommodate a variety of budgets, be it a private dinner in our “Wine Cellar” or Restaurant,  your home or office, a garden wedding, a picnic to go, or a corporate event for a thousand people.